Show Out Cattle Feed | Tucker Milling Feed

Available in 50 lb bag

Show Out Cattle Feed

Complete textured feed for premium show cattle

  • Premium vitamins, IntelliBond® and organic trace minerals, probiotics, and essential oils.

  • Botanicals from oregano, thyme, vanilla, clove, and fenugreek to promote a healthy immune system, growth, and energy.

  • Biotin to promote and maintain the growth of healthy hooves and hair coat.

  • Added beet pulp shreds to help fill out the calf’s gut and spring of rib.

  • Formulated with Celmanax™ yeast culture to prepare the immune system and support optimal rumen fermentation and digestion.

  • Kelp to help keep body temperature lower during heat stress.

  • Ammonium chloride to prevent urinary calculi in steers and young bulls.