TM Bull and Show Cattle Feed

Our Bull and Show Cattle Feeds are complete textured feeds formulated with the a blend of steam rolled and cracked corn, cottonseed hulls and a supplement pellet to provide the proper balance of energy, protein, and fiber for maximum gains and feed efficiency for growing show or feeder cattle.

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TM Beef Pellets


Designed for improved feed efficiency and increased weight gain

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TM Cattle Minerals

It is important that your mineral is palatable. If your cattle do not eat sufficient amounts of free choice mineral then they are not benefiting from it. Tucker Milling LLC. Takes pride in offering a mineral that is palatable, contains quality ingredients, and is economical.

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TM Calf Starter Pellets

Pellet starter ration designed to support the nutritional needs of the young growing calf.

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TM Range Cubes

Specifically designed to support the nutritional needs of beef cattle on pasture by providing supplemental protein and energy. The cube form allows it to be fed on the ground while minimizing waste.

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