Tucker Milling is a family owned and operated full-service mill, located on the banks of the Tennessee River, in beautiful Lake Guntersville, Alabama. Our pursuit for superior animal nutrition drives our team to go beyond the basics. Consistent research, ongoing mill upgrades, and carefully sourced ingredients allow us to continuously make Tucker Milling Your Animal’s Choice!

Tucker Milling is a proud member of the Alabama Horse Council and the Alabama Cattleman’s Association

Tucker Milling

We strive to produce the highest quality products utilizing only the best ingredients and the latest research in nutrition.

At Tucker Milling, we have a dedicated, in-house Ph.D. nutritionist on staff developing and formulating our feeds using the latest research and sourcing the best ingredients that allows us to be at the forefront of nutrition.


Life Products probiotics provides five research proven bacteria protected by patented encapsulation technology to ensure they are delivered viable. The 10-G and 1-GP lines of probiotics improve animalperformance and health while decreasing the challenges associated with “bad bacteria” in the gut.

Yeast Culture

Diamond V XPC contains over 20 active yeast metabolites which stimulate the immune system and support healthy digestion. Research shows that XPC promotes animal health by preventing “leaky gut” and decreasing detrimental bacteria, such as Salmonella.

Bioavaliable Minerals

Micronutrients IntelliBond Minerals (hydroxy trace minerals) and Zinpro Availa Minerals (amino acid chelated trace minerals) provide the highest bioavailability without interfering with the absorption of other nutrients.

Essential Oils

A synergistic blend of anise, cinnamon, thyme, clove, garlic, oregano, and ginger, Norel Animal Nutrition Tru-EO essential oils are research proven to improve animal health and performance.

TM Freight is a dedicated logistics and transportation team that provides Tucker Milling customers with best-in-class delivery experiences from our door to yours.