Regardless of how you use your horse, Pleasure Riding, Competition, Showing, or Breeding you need a sound nutritional program to ensure your horse stays vigorous and healthy. Each Eqceed formula utilizes the latest research in equine nutrition to form a complete and well-balanced diet when fed with good quality forage. Energy dense and highly digestible, Eqceed feeds are formulated with more of the nutrients today’s horses require for growth, training, and competition.

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Solution Horse Feeds

Solution Horse Feeds have been carefully designed to give your horse the nutrients it needs for top performance, while giving you the value you deserve. Specially fortified with vitamins, minerals, and digestible fibers to meet the needs of your horse.


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TM Sweet Mix

Sweet Mix feeds are textured feeds containing steam flaked corn, oats, supplement pellet, soy oil, and molasses. Formulated to be an economical part of a maintenance diet for horses, cattle, or goats.

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FarmCrest Feeds

FarmCrest is our new line of economy feeds. FarmCrest feeds provide value-based formulations for a variety of animals. FarmCrest Horse Pellets are designed to support the nutritional needs of a variety of horses for maintenance or light work.

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