Solution 14 is a pelleted feed for horses requiring a higher level of protein and energy for pleasure, performance or breeding. Also excellent for maintenance of mature horses at a lower feeding rate.

Guaranteed Analysis
Guaranteed  Analysis
Crude Protein Min. 14.0%
Lysine Min. 0.85%
Methionine Min. 0.25%
Threonine Min. 0.50%
Crude Fat Min. 7.0%
Crude Fiber Max. 20.0%
Calcium Min. 1.0%
Calcium Max. 1.5%
Phosphorus Min. 0.6%
Copper Min. 45 ppm
Selenium Min. 0.50 ppm
Zinc Min. 110 ppm
Vitamin A Min. 3,500 Iu/lb
Vitamin D3 Min. 500 Iu/lb
Vitamin E Min. 130 Iu/lb
Vitamin C Min. 35 mg/lb
Biotin Min. 0.6 mg/lb
Starch   11.0%
Sugar   5.70%
Feeding Recommendations

Feeding Recommendations

Lbs. of feed per 100 Lbs. of body weight

Maintenance 0.25-0.50
Light Exercise 0.50-0.75
Moderate Exercise 0.75-1.00
Heavy Exercise 1.00-1.25
Feed with good quality free choice hay or pasture along with plenty of fresh, clean water and free-choice salt.