Textured High Fat Feed for Pleasure or Performance Horses

Eqceed 12-12 Textured is designed to support mature horses at their highest levels of performance. It is also excellent for adding weight to those hard to maintain horses. For horses who need the complete package plus.

  • Steam rolled corn for maximum digestibility
  • Oats and beet pulp add to a palatable formulation with highly digestible fibers.
  • Essential Fatty Acids, Omegas 3 & 6 from Flax Seed and Stabilized Rice Bran for increased stamina, reduced inflammation, and enhanced immune system
  • Organic Trace Minerals are more readily absorbed into the blood system and support health and muscle growth
  • Complete Vitamin Fortification eliminates the need for additional supplementation
  • Amino Acid fortification to improve protein synthesis for growth and muscle development
  • Antioxidants Organic Selenium and Vitamins E & C support the immune system and reduce muscle damage from exercise
  • Biotin for improved hoof and hair growth and quality
  • Yeast Cultures enhance gut bacteria to improve feed utilization and nutrient uptake


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