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New FarmCrest line bringing bright new colors to Tucker Milling’s economy feeds

Over the past few months, you have probably noticed new names and bag designs for some of Tucker Milling’s feeds. Here is why:

We are going through a total remake of our packaging, website, and marketing program. In that, we are consolidating all of our feeds into respective feed lines. With that being said, we have created the FarmCrest line.

FarmCrest offers a complete line of feeds for specific species or the mixed species herd. Each formula contains only highly digestible feed ingredients with no antibiotics or preservatives. All are designed for the producer looking for economical yet nutritionally balanced options to supplement their livestock feeding program.

For your convenience, you can find a list of feeds below along with what feed they replaced. All of our dealers are informed of this change and will be able to help you find the right feed you are looking for.

**NOTE: We DID NOT change the formula for any of these feeds. We simply changed the bag design.**

Feeds in the FarmCrest line include:
• Tasty 10 – formerly All Stock Tasty 10 (86310)
• Tasty 14 (86314) NEW
• All Grain – formerly 10% Cheyenne Horse Grain Mix (80310)
• 12% All Stock Pellets (70112)
• 14% All Stock Pellets (70114) NEW
• 16% Sweet All Stock (71216)
• 12% Horse Pellets (83112)
• 14% Horse Pellets (71114)
• Rabbit Feed – formerly Tasty Rabbit (21115)
• Poultry Feed – formerly Free Range Poultry (31115)
• Swine Feed – formerly Free Range Swine (61115)
• Sheep & Goat – formerly Free Range Sheep & Goat (42012)
• Dairy Feed (52216)