Solution Horse Feeds have been carefully designed to give your horse the nutrients it needs for top performance, while giving you the value you deserve. Specially fortified with vitamins, minerals, and digestible fibers to meet the needs of your horse.

Important ingredients in SOLUTION:

  •   Alfalfa Meal as a highly digestible fiber source.

  •   Stabilized Rice Bran to provide essential fatty acids.

  •   Vegetable Oil as a highly digestible fat source to support energy levels.

  •   Organic Trace Minerals are more readily absorbed into the blood system and support health and muscle growth.

  •   Vitamin Fortification eliminates the need for additional supplementation.

  •   Yeast Cultures enhance gut bacteria to improve feed utilization and nutrient uptake.


Solution 12

Solution 12 is a pelleted feed designed for mature horses to provide the nutrition required for pleasure or performance. Excellent as a maintenance program for horses with plenty of quality forage.


Solution 14

Solution 14  is a pelleted feed for horses requiring a higher level of protein and energy for pleasure, performance or breeding. Also excellent for maintenance of mature horses at a lower feeding rate.


Solution 10-10-10

Solution 10-10-10 Textured Horse Feed is formulated specifically for mature performance horses which require a lower protein ration yet still need the energy available from a blend of fats and grains in their diets. This textured formula contains 10% protein, 10% fat, and 10% fiber and is a blend of digestible fibers, corn, oats, soy oil, molasses, as well as vitamin and mineral fortification.


Solution Alfalfa Oat

Solution Alfalfa-Oat is an excellent choice for your entire herd. It is low in starch and has adequate vitamins and minerals. It is ideal for horses at risk for colic and founder.