Ranch house trophy salt brings to the world of hunting the first salt based mineral feed produced by a salt company.

Ranch house trophy salt is a nutritional supplement formulated for both animal health and antler development. It is designed to be fed year round and is packaged in a 25 lb. plastic bag with a built in handle.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium Min             10.0%

Calcium Max             11.0%

Phosphorus Min           5.0%

Salt Min                55.0%

Salt Max                60.0%

Potassium Min            1.0%

Cobalt Min             25 PPM

Copper Min            150 PPM

Iodine Min             90 PPM

Iron Min             1500 PPM

Manganese Min        3000 PPM

Selenium Min           10 PPM

Zinc Min             2500 PPM

Vitamin A Min    50,000 IU/LB

Vitamin D3 Min   15,000 IU/LB

Vitamin E Min        50 IU/LB