Show Out Cattle Feed set to hit market very soon

In the livestock show world, everyone wants to have an edge. Preferably, an edge that sets you apart from the competition in a positive way and obtaining that edge starts in the barn.

In the coming weeks, we are going to be launching a whole new product: Show Out Cattle Feed. This feed will be offered as a complete feed to help nurture and develop premium show cattle.

Show Out Cattle Feed will be specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of premium show cattle. Designed for cattle to provide a balance of high quality nutrition and to boost the cattle’s overall appearance. This will be a textured feed complete with digestible fibers (cottonseed hulls) for palatable roughage that can increase rumen health along with steam rolled corn for maximum starch digestibility. The added beet pulp shreds and molasses will help keep those picky, hard keepers happy and well fed!

  • Premium vitamins, IntelliBond® and organic trace minerals, probiotics, and essential oils.
  • Botanicals from oregano, thyme, vanilla, clove, and fenugreek to promote a healthy immune system, growth, and energy.
  • Biotin to promote and maintain the growth of healthy hooves and hair coat.
  • Added beet pulp shreds to help fill out the calf’s gut and spring of rib.
  • Formulated with Celmanax™ yeast culture to prepare the immune system and support optimal rumen fermentation and digestion.
  • Kelp to help keep body temperature lower during heat stress.
  • Ammonium chloride to prevent urinary calculi in steers and young bulls.

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Tucker Milling dealers can contact their sales representative for more information and availability. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 256-582-2552.