It is important that your mineral is palatable. If your cattle do not eat sufficient amounts of free choice mineral then they are not benefiting from it. Tucker Milling LLC. Takes pride in offering a mineral that is palatable, contains quality ingredients, and is economical.

The importance of added vitamins and minerals:

  • Calcium…...Promotes bone growth, supplements lactating cattle, and aids in blood clotting, muscle contraction and much more.
  • Phosphorus….Works with calcium to promote bone growth and development and is required for growth and cellular metabolism.
  • Vitamin A….Essential for growth and reproduction, maintenance of epithelial tissues and bone development. Also aids in boosting  immunity to   prevent disease and infection
  • Vitamin D….Required for calcium and phosphorus absorption
  • Selenium...Prevents oxidative damage to body tissues, prevents white muscle disease. Works with vitamin E.
  • Zinc….Essential component of important enzymes. Also important for normal development and functioning of the immune system.

Grass Tetany

Grass Tetany is a metabolic disease that is usually fatal. It is a result of cattle grazing rapidly growing grasses (usually in the spring or fall) that lower the magnesium levels in the blood.  

Ideal prevention of Grass tetany is to feed a 4% magnesium  mineral year round along with other preventative measures  (apply dolametic limestone to pastures and avoid grazing high risk pastures). This is especially important in herds that have a high percentage of older cows. Or producers can supply a high Magnesium (14%) prior to grazing high risk pastures.

TM 14% High Mag Mineral

Designed to supply cattle with vitamins, and minerals that promote growth, improve fertility, and boost immunity, while increasing magnesium levels to aid in the prevention of grass tetany.

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TM 4 Season Mineral

The ideal mineral for year round usage. Formulated to supply cattle with adequate   vitamins and minerals to increase fertility, boost immunity, aid in growth and development, and supplies adequate amounts of magnesium when fed year round to aid in the prevention of grass tetany.

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