Formulated for the Active Senior Horse

Active, mature pleasure horses need the proper level of nutrition to ensure that they maintain a high level of health and fitness. Eqceed Senior provides this in a controlled carbohydrate formula to keep your horse in top condition. Highly digestible molasses coated pellets contain quality protein along with other essential nutrients that are readily absorbed in the digestive tract of the older horse. This formula is a complete nutritional package which can be fed at a higher level to horses that have difficulty consuming hay or where hay quality is poor.

  • Highly digestible fiber sources including alfalfa meal and beet pulp, along with quality fats provide a high energy yet low starch balance of nutrients
  • Flaxseed, rice bran and soy oil provide essential fatty acids Omegas 3 & 6 for healthy hair coat, top performance, and quick recovery
  • Amino acid fortification for optimum protein utilization improves growth and muscle development
  • Complete vitamin and mineral fortification means no supplementation is needed
  • Enhanced immune system support - organic trace minerals and antioxidants selenium and vitamins E & C improve overall health, especially during the stress of performance and competition
  • Additional research proven ingredients including biotin for greater hoof and hair quality, as well as yeast cultures for improved digestive function


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